words about me.

here are a few words about me.

if you see me via twitter – I describe myself rather succinctly in these words:


if you know me from my work at a southern university, I focus on my work there:

I work closely with faculty, graduate students and undergrads – supporting their instruction and research, leveraging the use of film, television, and new media as well as consulting on production. I provide visual literacy instruction to faculty and students and speak on documentary studies. In the field, I work directly with filmmakers on licensing and distribution models; advise on post-production; and write about film and new media for online outlets.

if you see me via FB or other online outlets – I often describe myself through musings, past travels and family interactions, like:

I was once chased by an Emu in Italy.  At first I thought it was an angry Ostrich, but does it really matter…I always remember my dreams…I want to eat one of those cakes from a Theibaud paintings…My daughter has my hands – I wish I had her laugh…I followed a 3-legged dog to the Red Cross in Cancun once…I worked in a truck stop a very, very long time ago…I love the sound my boots make walking in snow…I can thoroughly and widely curse in 5 different languages…and -although very nice, extremely loyal and generous, I am the evil twin.