all things S.

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he found us.

well technically, he found my twin first.  their friendship was built on a barter/trade system.  where he would refrain from depositing a freshly caught squirrel on her front porch and she in turn would leave a can of tuna out for him. when they brought home a jack russell puppy  – S headed down the sidewalk and began dropping birds and voles on our porch.

a permanent dinner guest.

evidently, arby’s roast beef and jeopardy are a magical combination for a cat.  throw in an undeniably comfy area rug recently purchased from TJmaxx and we had ourselves a permanent dinner guest.  the routine came quickly, i’d pull up from work or grad school and S would come running from somewhere behind our place.  he’d meet me at the car and join me as i made my way down the long sidewalk to our porch, sometimes wrapping himself around my leg – sometimes leading the way with his question mark tale.


S wasn’t keen on staying indoors with us much past an hour or so.  he’d make an exception on thursdays for seinfeld and on the rare occasion we’d watch survivor or the nati-geo station.  then, one day there was an unheard of blizzard and monumental amount of snowfall (at least for us) of almost three feet…I worried that S would freeze, so we stuck him in the bathroom for the night (with his friend and cohort – Vinnie – another neighborhood cat who sometimes hung out on our porch with S).  of course, S wasn’t having any of it and we had to let him out around 3am.

moving on.

a few months later, D and I bought a new house around the corner.  we were devastated by the notion of having to leave S behind.  so we didn’t.  it took D and an expert cat wrangler buddy of his named Bertone, some smoked salmon and a giant cardboard box – to get S over to the new place,but…

nine years was not enough.

the S man made our home happier. in addition to keeping the squirrels away, he encouraged exercise by taking walks with us, held court at all of our dinner parties and gatherings, protected the house when we traveled and made sure the office chair was always warm.  when we were pregnant with A – he slept sentry beside the bed and test drove the baby-bucket carseat, several bibs and baby hats.  and when A made it to the outside, the S man took up permanent residence under her cradle and then her crib.  ever vigilant, he never failed to warm my feet as A nursed and never once lost his patience when little hands found their way to his fur, whiskers or tail.