sometimes mega doesn’t mean more.

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blech.  feh.  ptooie.

it’s a Monday.  a short-staffed, phone ringing off the hook, tons of emails and chats, walk-ins galore kind of Monday.  D. kindly made a batch of his stellar homemade chicken salad for me and i packed an arugula roll-up for lunch.  in true Monday fashion, i ate my lunch at 9:05am.  so, i unadvisedly went next door for a snack just now.  i only had a minute – literally – so i grabbed a pack of M&Ms…

back at my desk, and knee-deep into an email consult about Marker, Bazin and the notion of “pure cinema” – i tore open the packet of candy and shook out the Schwarzenegger of M&Ms.  huh?  what? wait a minute…i realized my gaff – i must’ve grabbed the wrong bag in my hurry. i didn’t even know that mega M&Ms existed – but I popped one of the candies in my mouth.

and suddenly, i am very sad.  i’ve been working under the illusion that M&Ms chocolate was yummy (not Valrhona, Godiva, or Vosges yummy, but you know – yummy) .  granted, i came to like the sweet as a child with a 5 year old’s  palate – but, c’mon…M&Ms are fine, right.?  well, no. no they are not.  i guess the crunchy, colorful coated shell did more than protect the candies from melting in your hand – they distracted the consumer from the taste of the very bad chocolate. sigh.

now, i’m going to have to rethink everything.

for years (more than I care to state here) M&Ms have been my go-to treat: at the movies, at the beach, on a road-trip, on a plane…

moreover, years and years of memories are wrapped up in that colorful candy coated shell.  my first chocolate gifted from a crush – john grigsbee in 2nd grade on valentines day.  the first treat i bought with my allowance at the TG&Y – M&Ms peanuts and a Marvel comic book.  the first movie i got to see with my friends sans parents at the Lyric theater B-burg…and on.

and what to do about A.  should i only steer her toward the Scharffenberger bars at the candy counter?

and sometimes mega means much, much more.